Latina Women

Michelle Rodriguez American Dominican Puerto Rican Powerhouse

I am not just writing this article because Michelle Rodriguez and I share the same name,

Dominican Republic Real Estate Market

The Dominican Republic real estate market has grown leaps and bounds in the recent years. Visitors

A Beautiful Tree

A Beautiful TreeThere is a beautiful tree on the out skirt of the city.Read More...

Escape To The Cuban Sun

Cuba has often been described as a tropical paradise by its many visitors who regularly return

The lush exotic island of Puerto Rico has a rich coffee tradition


Mexican Style Fiesta Decorations


The Beautiful Corunna

Spain is one of the most amazing countries in the world; millions and millions of people

Puerto Plata Transfers

When you reach the international airport in Puerto Plata you should immediately proceed to the travel

Brazil Oil Embarrassed Cut

8 10, the international oil prices held steady above 70 dollars a barrel, the global commodity

Learn Mexican Spanish

If you are studying to learn Spanish and struggling with different interpretations of the language then